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Bozeman Health Foundation Awarded $150,000 Grant to Support Interated Behavioral Health Initiative in Primary Care

Foundation news | Monday, July 16, 2018

Contact: Lauren Brendel, M.S.

Bozeman Health Foundation is pleased to announce they have been awarded a two-year $150,000 grant from Montana Healthcare Foundation. Bozeman Health and Bozeman Health Foundation are proud to partner with Montana Healthcare Foundation to implement a new Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) initiative supporting patients and healthcare providers at Bozeman Health.

Integrated behavioral health is the term used for providing patients with coordinated physical and behavioral health care. Individuals struggling with mental illness or substance use disorders are often at greater risk for chronic health issues and combining a patient's physical and mental health care can help improve chronic conditions and reduce health care spending. The funds awarded from this grant will be used to combine the expertise of mental health professionals with primary care clinicians providing team-based, whole person care.

Mental health has been identified as the number one health challenge facing Gallatin County by the Community Health Needs Assessment, completed by Bozeman Health, Community Health Partners and Gallatin County Health Department in 2017. Tied into Elevating Behavioral Health and a successful three-part community symposium, Bozeman Health has prioritized mental health services and IBH implementation.

Behavioral health is one component of Caring Forward: the Campaign for a Healthier Community, launched this spring by Bozeman Health, together with Bozeman Health Foundation. With a goal of $15 million, this charitable campaign will help make significant changes in healthcare in Southwest Montana. We are pleased to announce that, including this $150,000 grant, Bozeman Health Foundation has now surpassed $13.2 million of its $15 million goal.