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Bozeman Health: In Solidarity with Black, Indigenous, People of Color

Corporate news | Thursday, June 4, 2020

Contact: Lauren Brendel, M.S.

Bozeman Health has been a pillar of health and healing for more than 100 years. It is our honor to be able to care for our community.

We are here to say that Bozeman Health stands in solidarity with Black and Indigenous people, and with all communities of color. Black Lives Matter. We believe in equality, respect, and speaking up.

Over the past week, our collective hearts have been heavy with the senseless death of George Floyd and the many others that should not have happened. When we become part of the Bozeman Health family, we strive to uphold our mission to improve community health and quality of life. That statement is not one any of us take lightly. It charges us to acknowledge our history, to reflect on injustices, and to actively participate in change. When we have Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in our community who are hurting, who are angry, who are desperately calling for justice and humanity, it is our responsibility to actively demonstrate our belief in our mission, our belief in providing healthcare for all who need it, and our belief in progress. It is through these demonstrations that we will help create a better today and tomorrow.

Through June 7, Bozeman Health will be centering its social media content on health disparities that BIPOC face for awareness and education. We will amplify BIPOC voices and hold space for challenging and constructive conversation.

Additionally, we will be supporting a Bozeman Health BIPOC employee virtual community space for BIPOC members of our team to connect and share in collective grief, pain, joy, and hope. This space will be BIPOC centered and led. We are also working to create and sustain a structure for affinity groups at Bozeman Health.

The executive team and other leaders in the organization will be listening, learning, and showing up to support our BIPOC family members, friends, and community. We hope you’ll join us.

Our very best,
Bozeman Health Executive Team