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Bozeman Health Onsite RV Parking

How to apply for RV site

Must fill out smart sheet submission

After submitting the smart sheet please call 406-414-5087 or email to let them know you submitted the smart sheet. Someone will follow up with next steps.

Apply for an RV site

RV sites include

Two electric only hookups for RVs at no charge

30 amp plug- ins

Two standard parking spots per party

RV sites don't include

Adapters and cords

Water and sewer hookups

Trash disposal

RV site rules and regulations

  1. Mirror hang tags must be visible at all times while onsite.
  2. Length of stay is a maximum of two (2) weeks. No permanent RV parking is permitted.
  3. Only fully enclosed units may use the facilities. No tents or tent trailers are permitted.
  4. Vehicles must be in good running order. No excessive fluid leaks, etc. will be tolerated.
  5. Maintenance on vehicles is prohibited.
  6. No outside fires (wood, gas, nor charcoal) are permitted.
  7. No outside lights are permitted, such as canopy lights.
  8. Noise shall be kept to a minimum.
  9. Pets need to be leashed and under control of an adult at all times. Pets are not to be left unattended at any time and must be picked up after.
  10. You are responsible for keeping your RV parking areas free of litter and trash. You must dispose of trash on a weekly basis and trash cannot be stored outside. You must contain and pack all trash with you when you vacate.
  11. You are responsible for your behavior and that of your family and guests while on Bozeman Health property. You agree to indemnify Bozeman Health for any damages to person or property caused by you, your family or your guests.
  12. Please secure your valuables. Bozeman Health expressly disclaims any liability in connection with your use of the Bozeman Health parking facilities. Bozeman Health is not responsible for damage to parked vehicles, or other property, or for theft, or for injury to any persons. Use of the facilities is at your own risk and liability.

RV site map