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About Your Stay



Your bathroom is equipped with an emergency cord if you need assistance. Pulling the cord signals the nurses' station and summons help to your room.


Your bed is specially designed to ensure comfort and safety. Each bed contains side rails for your protection; please do not try to lower the rails or climb over them. Don't take unnecessary chances, ask your nurse for help in getting up and out of bed.

Call System

Your nurse will explain the controls for the nurse call system.

Electrical Equipment

You may bring small, battery-powered appliances such as razors and radios. Electrical equipment can be hazardous unless properly grounded, so the use of personal electrical equipment is prohibited. The hospital electrician can approve special equipment as safe. Please ask the unit clerk or nurse to make these arrangements for you.

Housekeeping Services

Our environmental services staff ensures that we provide you and your visitors with a clean, safe and pleasant environment. We strive to maintain an atmosphere that will benefit the health and well-being of our patients, staff and visitors.

Identification Bracelet

Each patient receives an identification bracelet. This bracelet allows hospital personnel to positively identify you. It protects your health and safety. Please keep this bracelet on your wrist throughout your stay.


Medications should not be brought from home unless you are specifically instructed to do so. Your physician will prescribe any necessary medication from the hospital pharmacy. We strongly encourage you to bring a complete list of your medications, including the current dose and the times of day you take each medication. If you do bring in your medications to the hospital, they will be sent home or stored in the hospital pharmacy for you until your discharge.


Parking is free in all hospital lots.

Patient Confidentiality

You may request a "opt out" status upon admission, or at any time during your stay. "Opt out" means that, by law, we cannot confirm to callers and visitors that you are being treated at the hospital as an inpatient, outpatient or emergency room patient. Anyone requesting patient information will not be given your room number or the direct phone number to your room, but you may share this information with friends and family as you see fit. Likewise, you will not receive flowers, mail or other deliveries unless they are addressed specifically to your correct room number. If you have questions, please speak with your nurse.

Pediatric Patients

We understand the special needs of our younger patients, and welcome and encourage parents to stay overnight. Feel free to bring your child's favorite toy or comfort item labeled with his or her name.


Fire Drills - For your protection, the hospital conducts fire and disaster drills regularly. If a drill occurs while you are here, please remain in your room and do not become alarmed. Our staff is trained in responding to these emergencies.

Valuables - Cash and other valuables should be sent home or deposited in the hospital safe.

Smoke-Free Environment

Smoking is prohibited on Bozeman Health property and in buildings. The policy includes all buildings, parking lots, sidewalks and walkways on Bozeman Health property. Those asked to comply with the policy: employees, medical staff and medical office staff, volunteers, patients, contractors, vendors and visitors.

Wireless Access

For your convenience, Bozeman Health offers wireless internet service to patients and their families.

Pet Policy

Only service animals and those certified by Intermountain Pet Therapy are allowed at Bozeman Health. Patients may request a certified pet visit by contacting Volunteer Services.

Special Services

Advance Directives

Bozeman Health chaplains are available to provide information about advance directives and assist you with advance care planning, living wills, durable power of attorney for healthcare or other advance directives. Advance directives are documents that state your choices about medical treatment or name someone to make decisions about your medical treatment if you are unable to make these decisions or choices yourself.

Notary Public

A hospital employee who is a certified notary public is available to come to your room. Ask your nurse to make this arrangement for you. This service is free.


Transportation for patients and visitors leaving the hospital is available through local cab companies. Volunteers at the Information Desk will assist patients and visitors with calling a cab.