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Spiritual Health

Our Spiritual Health staff is specially trained to assist persons of all faiths as well as those with no faith tradition who want spiritual support in coping with illness, loss or trauma. Our intent is to provide you and your family members supportive spiritual care that will help bring healing and wholeness in your life.

The Sanctuary space at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital is open to all individuals of all faiths and is located near Entrance 1 in the hospital's main lobby. If you are a patient wishing to visit the Sanctuary, for safety reasons, please speak with your nurse.

Our Vision

To provide caring and compassionate spiritual health that is family centered, research and evidence—based, and which integrates spiritual resources as pathways for healing, well-being, and health-related quality of life for each person.

Services include

  • Patient visits and support to help you and your family cope during illness, crisis, change or loss
  • Help in facilitating your significant cultural practices within the healthcare setting
  • 24-hour emergency crisis support in case of trauma or discouraging medical news
  • Grief, bereavement and loss counsel and support
  • Assistance in connecting you with community clergy, faith community leaders or other spiritual care resources
  • Medical ethics counsel regarding end-of-life decisions or care plan choices
  • Advance care planning and advance directives assistance
  • Assistance with how to register to be an organ, tissue, cornea donor
  • Prayer, rituals or sacraments at your request
  • Labyrinth prayer path
  • Opportunities for mindfulness-based stress relief practices
  • Community support groups
  • Christian or interfaith worship services every Wednesday and Sunday at noon in the Sanctuary
  • Assistance in helping you become familiar with Bozeman Health and its resources

Spiritual Health staff is clinically trained to offer:

  • Respect and dignity for you as a person
  • Respect for your spirituality and/or religious traditions and belief system
  • Confidentiality and patient privacy in all conversations
  • Acceptance, regardless of the reason you are in need of medical attention
  • Encouragement and direction to utilize your personal spiritual resources to advance your spiritual health
  • An invitation to share your experience, including thoughts and emotions that may be difficult to express (e.g., anger, helplessness, relief, fear)

You may ask any staff person at any Bozeman Health care site to assist you in arranging an appointment with a chaplain. If you prefer, you may arrange a visit with a chaplain by calling the Spiritual Health office at 406-414-5073 or email

Bozeman Health board-certified Spiritual Health professionals are available for confidential email communication and support at You can expect confidential, non-judgemental, and respectful emotional and spiritual support for you or your family. Some needs that you may be experiencing might include emotional distress, grief or loss, life meaning or purpose concerns, loneliness or isolation, fear or anxiety, or other spiritual health needs. We offer a listening ear, referrals to resources, or prayerful support in your life journey.

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