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Spiritual Health Resources and Services

Meet our chaplains

Request a chaplain by calling the Spiritual Care office at 406-414-5073 or if you are in the hospital, dial extension 4301, or you may submit an online request.

  • Sanctuary and Quiet Room at Deaconess Hospital
  • Support for individuals, families, staff experiencing the death of a loved one, including newborn/perinatal loss
  • Prayer / Blessings
  • Pre-Operative Prayer
  • Guided Mediation/Imagery
  • Compassionate Listening for all
  • Eucharist
  • Smudging by local Navajo elder / prayer leader
  • Spiritual reading booklets and other literature
  • Bibles, Torah, Qur’an, Baha’i prayer book, Book of Mormon
  • Rosaries, medals, etc.
  • Meditation Cushion
  • Muslim Prayer Rug

Sanctuary and Quiet Space

The Sanctuary and Quiet Space at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital are open to individuals of all faiths and are located near Entrance 1 in the hospital's main lobby. If you are a patient wishing to visit the Sanctuary or Quiet Space, for safety reasons, please speak with your nurse.

Support Groups

Spiritual Health offers a variety of groups at any given time including but not limited to: stroke, grief/loss, cancer, and mental health support referrals, as well as on-going support for all Bozeman Health employees and providers. Please contact Spiritual Health for more information on the wide range of support we offer.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests may be added to the "Prayer Request Box" located in the back of the Sanctuary or by contacting our office at 406-414-5073.

Religious Services

  • Protestant services offered:
    • Chaplains: available as needed
    • Sacraments and rituals:
      • Communion: Chaplains are available to bring communion
        to your room.
      • Coordination of baptisms, anointing, blessing, prayer, etc.
    • Blessing for newborns & parents.
  • Roman Catholic services offered:
    • Coordination upon request of all priestly visitations, the Sacrament of Healing (Anointing), and Reconciliation
    • Communion: Lay Eucharistic Ministers of Eucharist customarily bring communion to patients during the week. Eucharist can be arranged at any time by contacting the Spiritual Health office.
  • Other services offered:
    • Jewish Pastoral Care: Rabbis are available to Bozeman Health upon request and availability. Bozeman is the home to both Beth Shalom, a member of the Union of Reform Judaism, and Chabad-Lubavitch, the only Orthodox Shul in the state.
    • Latter Day Saints Ministry – Providers within Bozeman Health Hospital offer prayerful presence as members of Bozeman 1st (YSA) Ward.
    • If you need any other local pastor/priest/clergy or spiritual leader, Spiritual Health will act as a liaison connecting you with your religious advisor, and other community resources.