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At Bozeman Health, our mission is to improve community health and quality of life. As a large organization it can sometimes be easy to forget the positive impact for good that our daily work makes in the lives of members of our community. This page contains a collection of individual stories in which our fantastic team of healthcare providers succeeded in improving the health and quality of life of some of our community members.

Perspective - a COVID-19 Survival Story

When Shiloh began to feel sick, he thought that it would be a two week illness and then he would be fine. He never thought that he would be fighting for his life in the ICU.

Jim Brown's Story

Jim Brown made a habit of attending the annual Bozeman Health Health Fair. What he learned during a routine blood pressure screening ended up playing a role in saving his life.

Barbara Mall's Story

Barbara Mall is recovering from major knee surgery and the great team at Bozeman Health Rehabilitation Services has played a crucial role in getting her back into her active Montana life.