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Diagnosis and Treatment

At Bozeman Health Cardiac Catheterization Lab, providers can perform diagnostic procedures such as angiograms to determine if there are blockages in the heart, as well as intervention procedures such as coronary angioplasty, stenting and repair of holes between the heart's upper chambers. Since the Cath Lab opened in 2003, our Heart Center team has completed more than 1,500 diagnostic caths and nearly 1,000 interventional procedures and implanted more than 400 pacemakers.

Our specialists provide a number of lifesaving and life-improving procedures, many of which, thanks to advanced technology, can be provided via catheters inserted into blood vessels and no longer require surgery. Vascular and radiology procedures offer additional diagnostic and intervention options for patients with blockages outside the heart, as well as procedures for certain cancers. In all, nearly two dozen procedures are now available in Bozeman.