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Travel Medicine

If you have an upcoming trip outside of the United States, we recommend making an appointment with our travel medicine specialist to discuss your immunization and medication needs.


Why do I need vaccinations before traveling outside of the U.S.?

Your risk of contracting an illness varies depending on several factors, including age, current health status, vaccination history, medical history, length of time abroad and types of activities abroad.

The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization recommend that all travelers to be current with routine childhood vaccinations including:

  • Diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis (DTP)
  • Hepatitis B (HBV)
  • Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)
  • Measles/mumps/rubella (MMR)
  • Poliomyelitis (IPV)

Some examples of required vaccines include yellow fever vaccine if traveling to certain parts of South America or Africa and meningococcal vaccine if traveling to Saudi Arabia.

Other vaccines offered by our clinic protect against hepatitis A, typhoid fever and Japanese encephalitis and are recommended based on the area to which you are traveling.

What is a travel medicine specialist and why do I need to see one?

More than 45% of travelers will face illness during an out-of-country journey, so our focus is on education and medical guidance to keep you healthy and safe while traveling. Our highly qualified and experienced physician and physician assistant make sure you know enough so you can better prevent potential infections and diseases while abroad.

We utilize a database called Tropimed, which helps us provide patients with a personalized travel itinerary of recommendations based on travel destination(s).

Consultation with a travel medicine specialist often results in advantages such as:

  • Lowering your chances of becoming ill while traveling abroad
  • Traveling with medications in case you become ill abroad! We offer prescriptions to relieve traveler’s diarrhea, nausea, motion sickness and altitude sickness
  • Receiving the latest information in a rapidly changing area of medicine
  • Avoiding immunizations and medications that you do not need

How soon before my departure should I schedule my travel consultation?

You should make a travel clinic appointment 4–6 weeks before departure to allow time for the recommended vaccines to take effect. Some vaccines are also given in a series.

What will a travel consultation cost?

We bill your insurance at the time of the appointment. All vaccines are subject to insurance coverage and/or insurance adjustment to a lower allowed amount. We recommend checking with your insurance carrier ahead of time to verify how travel consultations and vaccinations are covered.

2019 cash prices (before insurance):

  • Travel consult - $216
  • Hepatits A - $114
  • Hepatitis B - $120
  • Twinrix - $ 205
  • Rabies vaccine (90675) - $771
  • TDap (90715) - $75
  • Influenza > 65yrs - $63
  • Influenza - $38
  • Meningitis conjugate - $236
  • Meningitis polysaccharide - $248
  • Meningitis OMV - $574
  • MMR Vaccine - $116
  • Prevnar - $295
  • Pneumovax (90732) - $148
  • Typhoid - $152
  • Administration of immunization charge (not flu) - $53
  • Each additional injection (not flu) - $35
  • Flu vaccine administration charge - $37