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Learning experiences (note elective and required)


  • Orientation- Amanda Woloszyn
  • General medicine- Shaundra Schaff and Emily Steed
  • Surgical services- Chase Burkavage
  • Critical care- Danielle Lauridsen and Jenna Allais
  • Ambulatory oncology clinic/infusion services- April Brager and Alexa Olson
  • Ambulatory care- Lindsey Firman and Sonja Clausen

Required longitudinal

  • Infectious disease- Amanda Woloszyn
  • Pharmacy Practice- Nathan Bartle
  • Practice management and leadership- Jennifer Schultz
  • Project management- Amanda Woloszyn
  • Quality improvement/drug information- Jennifer Schultz


  • Administration – Mike Bertagnolli
  • Emergency medicine - Danielle Lauridsen and Jenna Allais
  • Informatics - Rebecca Miller
  • Transitions of care - Emily Steed and Kristal Barker
  • Integrated Behavioral Health and Geriatrics - Stacey Pascoe
  • Neonatal Intensive Care - Kara Provence
  • Medication Safety

Halloween in the Pharmacy-2019