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At Bozeman Health Radiology, we use advanced imaging equipment managed by our highly experienced technologists and radiologists. Our care team ensures you are comfortable while obtaining the best possible images, allowing our physicians to make accurate diagnoses so that you receive the most effective treatment.

It is important to note that a provider’s order must be placed before you call to schedule your imaging appointment. Please contact your provider’s office to make sure they have submitted your order before you call.

Scheduling Your Imaging Appointment

Lab Draws

Lab draws may be needed for patients who are receiving contrast dye for a CT or MRI scan within 30 days of your scan. You will be required to have your blood drawn if you are over 60 years old or have any history of cancer, diabetes, or kidney problems. Your doctor may also request that you have your blood drawn even if you do not meet these conditions.

Lab draws are available at:

Mammogram Project

The Bozeman Health Mammogram Project helps make this lifesaving detection screening available to all women. Funding is available for screening mammograms for women without insurance or who are underinsured. Visit the Mammogram Project to learn more.