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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assess and treat upper body movement problems caused by medical disorders, injuries and trauma. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life by working with you on activities of daily living to promote your independence and well-being. These activities include dressing, cooking, personal hygiene, along with training in fall prevention, home safety, and lifting. This therapy also helps with job-related activities such as good posture and fine motor skills, including working with tools or equipment.

Work Injury and Worksite Ergonomics

Working with primary care physicians, our occupational therapists assist in determining when and if you are able to safely return to work. We help identify whether you are able to perform the physical demands of a specific job through evaluation and work conditioning, with the goal of returning you to your job following an injury. We also provide pre-employment screens, job safety and site evaluations, and ergonomic worksite assessments to help prevent workplace injuries so employees can remain on the job.

Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation

Comprehensive driver assessment is testing of vision, foot and leg reaction time, cognition and coordination. The assessment is paired with an on-road driving test given by a qualified therapist. The test determines the extent of your abilities and identifies any special equipment or strategies to improve your ability to drive. Our goal is to promote safe and independent driving.