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Medical Records

If you need to request a release of your medical records for personal use, continued care or to supplement insurance records, please follow one of the options below:

1. Access Medical Records through MyChart:

The fastest way to access your medical records is through MyChart. If you are a MyChart user, log in to MyChart to access to your medical records, including prescription information and lab test results. MyChart also makes it easy to schedule appointments and follow up with specific questions with your provider's office.

Log into MyChart

2. Complete an Authorization for Uses & Disclosures of Protected Health Information (PHI) Form:

Download, fill out, and sign the Authorization for uses & disclosures of protected health information (PHI) form to request the information that you need.

Fill out each section of the form completely to ensure timely processing of your request.

Download Protected Health Information (PHI) Form

  • Fax to 406-414-1069
  • Email to
  • Mail to 915 Highland Blvd, Bozeman Mt, 59718, attention Medical Records
  • Return in person to the Medical Records department. There is a drop box located outside of the department for you to drop the completed request form after hours.

3. Request records via email:

If requesting records to be sent directly to patient only, send an email to with patient information (name, date of birth), dates of service, and type of records requested.

If requesting records to be sent to a third-party, email and ask for the electronic version of the authorization form. We will reply to your email with a secure link to complete and submit the form.

You may be required to provide a valid form of picture ID at pickup.

If you have questions or want to be sure you have prepared everything that is required to get the records that you are looking for, call 406-414-1055.

4. Sharing of Your Electronic Health Record Notification

The Bozeman Health System and its affiliated entities (BH), maintains your information electronically, using the Epic medical records system. In addition, many physicians and hospitals across the country use Epic. Where possible, BH participates in the “Epic Care Everywhere” or similar programs, which allows providers from across the country to electronically and securely exchange patient health information for treatment purposes.

If you happen to need care from one of these providers, then the provider can electronically access your health information from BH. Similarly, if BH is treating a patient who receives care from another healthcare organization, then BH can electronically access that patient’s medical record from another healthcare organization that uses Epic. For example,
let’s say you are in a car accident in California; if the California provider uses Epic, then the California provider can access
your Bozeman Health records and discover if you have any drug allergies.

Why is Information shared?

Health care providers make better choices about your care and treatment when they have as much information as possible about your health from allergies, active conditions, lab tests, medical histories, medications, and other reports. Often times this happens after your visit to your provider. Electronic record exchange will permit your providers to review medical information during your visit, rather than waiting to contact your other providers one by one after the visits.

What Information is shared?

Any information that is critical to making an informed decision about your care can be shared. For the majority, this will include a list of your medications, medication dispense history from pharmacies, allergies and medical problems. If needed to provide treatment to you, information relating to that which is considered “sensitive” such as mental health, substance abuse, sexually transmitted disease, sexual abuse information, HIV/AIDs diagnoses, and genetic testing may also be shared. This does not apply to the sharing of records by or from a drug or alcohol abuse treatment program unless I have given that program written consent.

Is shared health information kept private and confidential?

Yes, Epic is a secure system that will protect your health information. All authorized healthcare professionals and their agents with access agree to follow strict privacy and security policies. Security audits are in place and will track how and when someone has accessed your health information. Your provider will be sharing your vital medical information through Epic
for all legally permitted uses and disclosures.

This notification applies to all of my health information in BH’s possession. You may choose to opt-out or refuse this sharing at any time, but it will not apply to any uses and releases of my health information already made by BH.

If you would like to refuse or opt-out, please contact the Health Information Management department at or by calling 406-414-1055.