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Primary Care

Your primary care provider sees you for everyday health, wellness and illnesses. This is your "regular" or "family" doctor who usually specializes in internal medicine, family medicine or pediatrics. Your primary care physician understands the "big picture" of your health and takes care of or coordinates any kind of healthcare services you may need, including:

  • A review of prescription medications
  • A reviewing of lab test results
  • Flu shot, immunizations and other preventive screenings
  • Referrals to a specialist

Family Medicine

Our Family Medicine providers offer comprehensive care for individuals and families of all ages. Family Medicine providers can treat patients with any condition, ranging from those needing preventive care to those needing treatment for chronic conditions and illnesses.


Our Pediatric clinics providers specialize in the care of infants, children and teens. Patient care is comprehensive and ranges from minor, acute illness and injury to complex medical conditions.

Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine providers offer comprehensive care to adults, and specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating disease. Young, healthy patients may be better suited for Family Medicine.

Women's Specialists

Our Women's Specialists providers offer care related to pregnancy and reproductive health. Providers at Women's Specialists cannot be your PCP, but they will diagnose, treat and help with the prevention of diseases and disorders that directly affect women such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and menopause.