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Patient Financial Services

As a nonprofit healthcare organization, Bozeman Health is committed to providing compassionate, high-quality, medically necessary healthcare to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. We understand that health issues are stressful and the associated financial burden can add to that stress. We are happy to assist you in understanding your bill, your insurance coverage, and to answer any related questions you may have.

How do I pay my bill?

Any services performed before September 24, 2022 will continue to be billed from the old system. To pay bills from before September 24, 2022 click the button below.

My Sanford Chart - Pay My Bill

Any services performed on or after September 24, 2022 will be billed from the new system. To pay bills from after September 24, 2022 click the button below.

Bozeman Health Pay as Guest

There may be a period of time when you receive two separate statements from Bozeman Health. The online billing system allows you to:

  • Combine multiple accounts and guarantor numbers under a single username
  • Easily track payments and statements any time of day
  • Pay multiple accounts in one transaction
  • Email a patient account representative
  • Apply for financial assistance through MyChart

A Guide to Your Hospital Bill

Bozeman Health typically requests patients to pay their anticipated expenses, including deductibles, copays and coinsurance, prior to delivery of services. Because treatment plans can change during the course of your care, determining exact costs at any given time may be difficult. As a result, your account may accrue more charges after treatment is complete.

If you have health insurance, Bozeman Health will bill your insurance carrier (followed by your secondary insurer, if applicable) shortly after healthcare services have been rendered. You will receive monthly statements showing how much we expect you, and your insurance, to pay.

After your insurance has paid its share of the bill, you may receive a letter from Bozeman Health offering a 20% prompt pay discount if the balance is paid in full by the first statement due date. This benefit does not apply to all services offered by Bozeman Health.

If you do not have insurance, a bill will be sent to you shortly after services are rendered or you are discharged from the hospital. If you wish to make payment arrangements, please contact our customer service department at the phone number on your bill. If you are unable to pay your bill, you may be eligible for financial assistance.

Your Insurance

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. We recognize that health insurance plans can be confusing. If you are unsure of your coverage for a particular medical procedure or test, call the customer service telephone number on your insurance card before scheduling it. Bozeman Health will submit a claim to your insurance company for services we provide. By working together, we can minimize misunderstandings, payment delays and billing costs. Please note, you are responsible for any charges not covered by your benefit plan.

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be required to get approval before receiving hospital services (pre-certification). Obtaining this approval does not guarantee your plan will pay the entire cost for that covered service. You may be responsible for paying deductibles, copays and coinsurance.

Additionally, if Bozeman Health does not contract with your insurance provider, you may still receive services here. However, because your insurance company will consider our services out-of-network, you most likely will be responsible for paying more out-of-pocket costs.

Federal Poverty Guidelines

To apply for financial assistance, patients must complete a Financial Assistance Application or complete the online application through MyChart.

Application forms and printed versions of our financial assistance policies (in English, Spanish or a plain-language summary) can be accessed from the links below. They are also available at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital's emergency department, patient registration areas or at patient financial services. You may also call 406-414-1720 to have these documents mailed to you.

Find the most up-to-date Financial Assistance Applications on our Financial Assistance page.

Completed Financial Assistance Applications can be mailed or delivered to:

Bozeman Health
Attn: Patient Financial Services
1600 Ellis St. 3rd Floor
Bozeman, MT 59715

For more information or assistance completing the Financial Assistance Application, contact the Bozeman Health collection department at 406-414-1015 (do not call this number to pay a bill).


Can you bill worker's compensation for my claim?

Yes. Please tell us that it is a Worker's Compensation Claim, and provide us with your complete insurance information. We can assist you with filing the claim.

When do I have to pay my bill?

Payment is due 30 days after you receive the first statement.

Why am I being charged for this?

Please tell us the charge you have a question about, along with your seven-digit, nine-digit, or ten-digit account number.

Can you provide me an estimate for a certain procedure?

Yes, we can provide an estimate. We will need the following information from you:

  • A CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) code, which can be obtained from your physician
  • The name of the procedure
  • Your name and correct mailing address.

Please contact our financial counseling team, and they will send an estimate to you. 406-414-1039

Will you bill my primary insurance?

Yes, but you will need to provide us complete information.

Will you bill my secondary insurance?

Yes, but you will need to provide us complete information.

Why is this billed as an outpatient service when I spent the night in the hospital?

For an account to be billed as an inpatient service, there must be a physician order. The physician who ordered your services determined that your condition did not meet the requirement for an inpatient admission. The physician's written order dictates whether we bill as an inpatient or outpatient.

Why am I receiving a refund check?

There was an overpayment to your account. Either you paid too much on the account and/or your insurance paid at a later date and covered some of what you already paid.

Why did my insurance deny the claim?

The most common reasons for denial of a claim:

  • The service you received was from a physician outside your plan's network.
  • The service you received was not covered under your plan.
  • You were not covered by your plan at the time of service.
  • You did not provide the correct insurance information at the time of service.

What is this balance for?

Please tell us the specific charge you are asking about. We will need your account number and the charge in question.

Will you bill my auto insurance?

Yes, but you will need to provide us complete insurance information.

Can you explain the bill I received from my doctor?

Unfortunately, we do not have access to physician bills. Please call your physician's office directly.

Will you send me an itemized bill?

Yes. Please provide your account number if available, your name, when you were in the hospital, your date of birth and correct mailing address.When was my insurance billed?

How do I check the status of insurance billing?

To check the status of insurance billing, call your insurance company or Patient Financial Services at 406-414-1720 or toll-free at 877-522-1720. Have either your 12-digit visit number or your guarantor number when you call.

Can you fax me my bill at work?

No. For confidentiality reasons, itemized bills cannot be faxed to your workplace. You may either come into the Patient Financial Services offices at 1600 Ellis Street and pick up your itemized bill or we can mail it to you.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about my hospital bill?

Counselors and customer service representatives are available in our business office Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm to answer questions about your hospital bill, insurance, and other concerns. They can be reached at 406-414-1720. If you are a patient of the Bozeman Health Cancer Center you may contact their Financial Case Manager with questions at 406-414-5070.

Can I come in and talk to you about my bill?

Yes, you may stop in to discuss your bill at one of two Bozeman Health Patient Financial Services locations.

The main offices are now located on the third floor of the Legacy Building, located on the third floor at 1600 Ellis Drive, Bozeman. There is a patient financial representatives located at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital to assist patients with their billing, located across from the main patient registration desk near the Emergency Department.

Why did I receive a bill from both the hospital and the doctor?

The hospital and the doctors bill separately for their services.

Which doctor saw me while I was in the hospital?

This information is available to you. Please provide your name, the date you were in the hospital and your date of birth.

Which health insurance providers are accepted at your hospital?

Participating Providers: Allegiance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Interwest Health, Medicare, Managed Medicare, Montana Medicaid, Montana United School Trust, New West, United Healthcare, Work Compensation