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EpicCare Link for Providers

Bozeman Health is glad to partner with community-based providers and clinics in the care of their patients. Bozeman Health uses Epic for our electronic health record system.

Providers that are not employed with Bozeman Health have access to EpicCare Link. EpicCare Link is a secure web-based portal that connects providers to information stored in Bozeman Health's Epic for your referred and admitted patients. As your patients receive care from Bozeman Health, we ’ll send you notifications and updates. You’ll have the information you need to plan ongoing care for your patients and they ’ll feel better, knowing that you ’re up to speed on all the care they receive.

With Bozeman Health EpicCare Link, you can:

  • View your patient’s Bozeman Health Epic medical records
  • Access face sheet and demographic information as well as inpatient and/or hospital lists and surgeon daily schedules
  • Review real-time clinical data, including radiology and procedure reports, hospital discharge summaries, current medication lists, patient demographics and coverage data

Request access to EpicCare Link

Each EpicCare Link user must submit a separate request for access. Please allow ten business days for processing.

Click here to request access Please include your full name, name of your clinic/practice, and your contact information.

Log in to EpicCare here

EpicCare Link log in