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Injury Prevention

At Bozeman Health, we recognize that injury prevention is a priority to help reduce injury and death in our community.

In Montana, injury is the leading cause of death for people ages one to 44. Outside of death, injuries can present themselves in a wide variety of severity, resulting in either a few stiches to lifelong disability.

From motor vehicle collisions, to falls, to the large amount of recreational accidents that can happen in Montana, it is important to remember safety first. Through preventative efforts, programs, and education, it is Bozeman Health's hope to reduce the number of injuries in our region.

Please reach out to us at regarding any questions or to learn more about our programs.

STOP THE BLEED® is a national program built to spread knowledge regarding some simple skills that one can use to control a bleed before EMS responders arrive.

Our trauma program team is proud to teach STOP THE BLEED® classes to community groups and will teach you how to recognize a life-threatening bleed, apply direct pressure to a wound, and properly apply a tourniquet.

Knowing these skills can help you save a life, and can also greatly reduce recovery time for the victim.

Learn how to save a life today! Contact our team at to request a training opportunity.

Ground level falls in patients over the age of 65 is a leading cause of injury in Gallatin County. These falls often result in a visit to the emergency room, admission to the hospital, and surgery. There are many small and simple changes that can be utilized to help prevent a fall from happening.

Our Bozeman Health injury prevention program has three instructors trained in teaching the falls prevention course, Stepping On. This course is an evidence based program proven to reduce falls and fear of falling for elderly persons living independently at home.

The Stepping On program is includes seven sessions, with each session focusing on a different area of fall prevention, as well as teaching you helpful and manageable strength and balance exercises to help keep you on your feet.

Please reach out to to learn more about the Stepping On falls prevention course. If you are interested in being added to the waitlist for either the Stop THE Bleed or Stepping On classes, please click the link below.

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