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Women's Health

At Bozeman Health, we know your life is busy and staying well is important to you. And because women often care for others before themselves, we've committed special time and attention to anticipating and meeting your ever-changing needs—from adolescence to menopause and beyond. Our women's services and programs offer wellness and preventive health screenings from mammography, bone density screening and stroke screening to education on stress management, fitness and nutrition. We're with you at every age and stage of life.

Services Provided

Breast Health

We offer comprehensive diagnosis, care and treatment for your breast health, including breast imaging, biopsy and cancer treatment.

  • Digital mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Stereotactic core breast biopsy
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy
  • MRI-guided core breast biopsy

"The Bozeman Health Mammogram Project gives women an opportunity to receive a free or low-cost mammogram at Bozeman Health. It is our goal to make this lifesaving detection procedure available to all women, regardless of their income or health insurance status."

Care Boutique

We have clothing and care items to help women to feel better both during and after treatment for breast and other cancers. In addition to skin-care products, sleep wear and head coverings, we offer mastectomy products fitted by a certified Amoena mastectomy prosthesis fitter. We also have gifts for cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families.

Certified Nurse Midwives

Our Women's Specialists clinic is proud to include the services of Bozeman's certified nurse midwives. Our CNM's value the long-term relationships that they develop with the families in their practice. To set up an appointment please call 406-414-5150.

Brooke Cadwell

Childbirth and Family Birth Center

It is our pleasure to care for you before, during and after birth. Our team includes more than a dozen physicians who are board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, along with three nurse midwives, family medicine physicians and over 100 nurses who assist in the birth of babies at Bozeman Health Family Birth Center. Many of our nurses have completed specialized education and achieved voluntary national certification in their fields. We offer personal, intimate care for expectant and new mothers, as well as for babies born needing specialized care, and for healthy babies.

Our childbirth services cover all stages of your pregnancy—from pre-pregnancy planning to childbirth to bringing your infant home, including:

  • Fertility treatment
  • Prenatal care and genetic counseling
  • Childbirth education
  • Labor, delivery and recovery
  • Breastfeeding training and troubleshooting
  • Cosmetic Surgery + Medical Spa
  • Obstetrics and gynecology

When giving birth at Bozeman Health Family Birth Center, you have excellent choices for labor, delivery and recovery that suit your wants and needs. We feature six private, modern birth suites, with amenities ranging from free Wi-Fi to spa tubs to helpful breastfeeding experts.

Seeing a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology is about as personal as it gets. You deserve respect, interest and—most of all—time. That's just what you'll get at Bozeman Health Women's Specialists Clinic: time well spent with doctors who have time for you.

General Services

  • Contraception and permanent birth control
  • Da Vinci robotic-assisted and minimally invasive surgery
  • Management of comprehensive gynecologic concerns
  • Perimenopause and menopause management
  • Prenatal care and childbirth (including vaginal, cesarean and VBACs)
  • Surgical treatments for gynecologic concerns
  • Well visits and primary preventive care
  • Board-certified midwives

Women's Free Screenings

All women can partake of the free health screenings and information services available through Bozeman Health, and those who are uninsured or underinsured are especially encouraged to participate.

  • Bozeman HealthCare Connections mobile health screening vehicle: breast and colon cancer, bone density (to determine risk for osteoporosis), heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity, along with free immunizations against flu, tetanus, whooping cough and pneumonia, and health and nutrition education.
  • General health screenings are also available at several health fairs held throughout the community at various times of the year; check our events calendar for specific locations and dates.
  • Numerous classes, support groups and forums on specific women's health issues are offered all year through Bozeman Health Resource Center.
  • The Bozeman Health Mammogram Project gives women an opportunity to receive a free or low-cost mammogram at Bozeman Health. It is our goal to make this lifesaving detection procedure available to all women, regardless of their income or health insurance status.

Rehabilitation Services/Women's Focused Physical Therapy

Our therapists focus on treating conditions that primarily tend to affect women, using wide-ranging clinical experience and extensive manual skills.

Musculoskeletal disorders, pelvic and low back pain, incontinence, post-mastectomy, osteoporosis, pre- and postpartum pelvic disorders, and pregnancy-related issues including back, neck, hip and pubic bone pain, sciatica, leg cramps and foot pain are just a few of the issues that can affect a woman's life.

Issues covered include:

  • Incontinence, a loss of bladder control or bowel movements directly related to muscle control and strength of the pelvic floor which may occur with pregnancy or postpartum
  • Pelvic pain, which may be caused by pelvic floor weakness and related hip dysfunctions and are easily treated by physical therapy
  • Osteoporosis, by offering strength and flexibility instruction with a goal of improved posture, spinal stability, and increased bone density through exercise
  • Postpartum care, which includes relief of repetitive stress injuries, rib pain, rectus diastasis (separation of stomach muscles), carpal tunnel syndromes, shoulder impediment, and pain caused by breastfeeding postures
  • Pregnancy issues, including back, neck, hip and pubic bone pain, as well as sciatica, rectus diastasis (separation of stomach muscles), leg cramps, foot pain, and tingling in the arms and legs, with our physical therapists assessing and treating much of the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy

Physical therapy can benefit patients with functional limitations caused by pregnancy, childbirth or menopause by reducing pain and improving function through evaluation, hands-on treatment, exercise and patient education.